We all want the best education for our kids, but sometimes it's hard to define what that is exactly.  It can be even more difficult to ensure your housing choices support that goal, especially if you're moving from out of the area.

As parents of great kids ranging from 'on the spectrum' to academically gifted, Rodney and Theresa have interacted with many different educational environments in schools across Texas and other states as well.  Theresa's experience as a former teacher gives her additional insight into educational programming as well.  

We are active with the PTA boards at Gorzycki Middle School, and Bowie High School. Theresa was recently invited to join the Austin Independent School District committee tasked with discerning what type of academic programming the new South Austin High School will have.

We pay close attention to what different districts, schools, and programs are available to students within Austin and the neighboring districts, and we definitely share information with our clients.

One the tools we use to consider the strength of various schools is the Texas Education Agency school rating site, which has information for every school in the state.

But honestly, we find the best way to get to know a school is from first hand experience. It's our goal to provide as much REAL information as possible for our clients. Let's start with the high school our own kids attend, Bowie High School in southwest Austin.