The neighborhood of Allandale is bordered by Shoal Creek, Burnet Road and the MoPac Expressway. The residents seek to maintain their property values, maintain safety and residential characteristics and promote quality of life. The area hosts outdoor events such as annual dog walks and the Livestrong Austin Marathon, which moves through Allandale.

Members of Allandale are very involved in their community. Regular neighborhood tree plantings occur, as well as educational materials and programs on topics such as tree survival and pruning workshops. Allandale has a population of 6,443 and encompasses 2.4 square miles. The population density is just over that of Austin.

Allandale is very family friendly, and families spend long periods in the neighborhood. Home prices range from 475000 to nearly $1000000. Most residential homes were constructed in the 1950s, and many of their vintage interiors remain. Some are modernized while others are restored to historic specifications.